Thursday, September 15, 2011

Weekend Project: Bringing a boring hallway to life!

So this past weekend my hubby was out of town at a conference in South Carolina. So to keep myself busy I came up with this project! I decided to paint stripes throughout both sides of the hallway. Then I needed a place that my kids could hang their backpacks and the kids I babysit could hang their coats and diaper bags. I thought it would be fun to have a wall of different hooks. So I started collecting different hooks. Some I got at Hobby Lobby, a few from around the house, and then I had heard about making spoons into hooks. So after some research I came up with a plan on how to make a spoon and a fork work in my design.

                   Here's a BEFORE pic of my hallway

                          and here's AFTER

I will show you how to make the spoon/fork hooks in my next blog.
What weekend project have you been wanting to do?

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