Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Lifestyle of Worship????!!!??? Part 1

So today in church I was led to discover something, that I really didn't like.
You see, at the church we are attending they have the children stand in the front for worship.
My husband and I were sitting a few rows behind them so I could see everything they were (or weren't in my case) doing.
I am ashamed to say that my kids (pastors kids) were the only 2 NOT standing.
Sigh.... A proud moment in a mothers life. LOL!
Then to make it worse, my son was pulling his jacket up over his head and playing around the whole time.
hmmm... what's wrong with this picture?  Now, there were other children that were playing around, so my children were not the only ones, but I guess when your a pastor, you kinda hope that they will led by example?
In the car my husband and I were talking about what we saw in church. I guess I / we haven't done enough to teach our children about worship.
How many of us have heard the saying "Worship is not just on Sunday mornings, its a lifestyle"?
I have, like a hundred times. But I guess (well, actually, I KNOW) I could do better, to be an example to my kids.
I do listen to only christian music, there are ALOT of really good artists that sound just like most mainstream music. Lecrae, Group 1 Crew, Red, etc..... I play it all the time, and the lyrics are really, really good! I've cried on many occasions listening to Lecrae (who is a christian rap artist) in my car. But maybe instead of just turning my ipod on shuffle when I get in my car, I can put on Fee or Desperation Band.
I will be following up with this blog, to share some practical steps we can take as parents to help teach our children about worship and living a lifestyle of worship.
As well as, to let you know how it works in the Holden household.
I encourage you to live a lifestyle of worship in your own home as well.... :)

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